My Qigong benefits

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Constant back pain was affecting me physically and mentally and I became addicted to painkillers.  I knew that this wasn’t the answer but I had no alternative until I began practicing Qigong. 

Qigong helped me become pain-free. I overcame my depression and defeated my addiction to painkillers.

My once loving and attentive husband turned into an abusive and violent man.  Regular beatings became a normal part of daily life.  The mental and emotional abuse intensified and I lost all my confidence and self-esteem until I began practicing Qigong.

Qigong made me a strong, confident and happy woman.

I dreaded the winter months.  I would suffer continuous bouts of colds and flu, and occasionally my lower face would be a mass of painful and unsightly cold sores.

Qigong gave me the ability to develop a strong and healthy immune system.

I suffered periods of depression and I had an unhealthy obsession to food. I was comfort eating and my weight increased.  This made me feel unattractive and worthless.

Qigong gave me the tools to lose and maintain a healthy weight. 

Lack of sleep made me tired and irritable.  I longed for a peaceful night’s sleep, but constant negative thoughts prevented it.

Qigong gave me the power to control my thoughts and have an excellent sleep pattern. 

The body is a marvellous creation but through age and use it suffers wear and tear.  This often causes pain and discomfort – as I found when I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in my knee joints.

Qigong allowed me to become pain-free from this excruciating painful condition.

 Depending on others for regard and love often proves disappointing and unfruitful.

Qigong helped me to love and respect myself! – unconditionally. 

Acute anxiety made my life intolerable.  I once was confident and sociable but became afraid to lead a normal life. 

Qigong gave me the ability to heal my mind in a gentle and caring way. 

Stress is a normal part of life and can be a healthy thing, but it overpowered and affected my life and health negatively.

Qigong gave me the ability to deal with stress in a positive way. 

The loss of a loved one is devastating. The grief can feel almost unbearable.

Qigong taught me how to heal my inner pain. 

As my body aged, I felt the need to keep it strong, supple and fit.

Qigong enabled me to attain and maintain a good level of health and fitness.

The ‘Me & Qigong’ programme may be an easy way for making health and wellbeing improvements for YOU too.


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