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I began working with Meg in an attempt to find something more in life for me and not others as I am usually very selfless and don’t make time for myself. From the therapies that Meg has taught I have learnt how to meditate and how to put it into practice. This and other therapies that she has taught me has enabled me to combat my depression and help me find myself and to love who I am. Meg was never judging in class when I opened up and this has given me the confidence to use the therapy by myself at home. From learning to keep a positive mind I have been able to cope with health scares and day to day stress that I encounter from my line of work. I have found that the colour therapy helps me relax and in turn enables me to sleep much better and regularly. I am very thankful for what I have learned from Meg’s amazing workshops.T. Codman
I have known Meg Allen for several years in that time she has taught me how to use colours to heal my body, mind, spirit and emotional being. She has shown me how to use mediation to heal and calm myself. We use positive energy in our everyday lives and when we give positive out you get positive energy back in return, multiplied. Attending Meg’s sessions has made me a better person. I can cope with stressful situations in a calmer more positive way. L. Wright
I first met Meg Allen through my daughter; they knew each other in a work situation. I lost my brother suddenly and seemed to be sinking lower into sadness and depression. Meg helped me start to heal using breathing techniques and colour therapy. Then Meg started a Qigong class using slow movements and involving those same breathing techniques. We then moved on to meditation using the breathing and colour therapy. The discussions we have and the meditation we do using breathing and colour therapy have really helped me to feel well, more positive and less afraid of life.C.G.
I have known Meg for about 25 years, first as my teacher when I joined her Qigong class. I was so taken by this form of “exercise” that I was attending 3 classes a week. Secondly Meg became my mentor when she opened her teacher training school and I enrolled as a student. Qigong has been a constant focus in my life. When connecting with the energy the feeling of calm and peace is an experience difficult to describe. I believe it has helped boost my immune system as I rarely have cold symptoms. I can use the breathing pattern to control any aches and pains I may get. The meditation and colour therapy has helped me to focus on goals and I have stopped smoking. Thirdly, Meg has become a friend and I will always be grateful that she came into my life.Sandra Brown
I approached Meg Allen about a year ago due to a lot of negative thoughts and feelings in my life at that time. Meg made me feel very welcome and relaxed from the first moment I met her. We have studied Meditation, Colours and Qigong which helped me focus on who I really am and ways to combat my negativity. I have attended a couple of Workshops with a group of ladies, we were all made to feel relaxed from the start and I came away feeling more positive and ready to face the world. The added bonus is that I have made some new friends. I would highly recommend working with Meg as I found her to be honest, reliable, conscientious and courteous at all times. Maria Wilson
I feel that my life has been transformed and my inner peace is there again. I find the group helps when we all chat and feel it is a very open and honest group. I feel that the disciplines I have learnt have helped me cope in my work and home life. I feel that I have become less negative especially to other people. I love the meditation, well really all the class. Susie B
I feel able to handle stressful situations in a more positive way. I am more relaxed in my home life and in my work. I feel myself feeling less negative about people and circumstances. I feel positive more generally and find the group discussions extremely helpful and insightful.B Jones
I first met Meg some years back when we joined a Qigong class she was running in Thorne. We loved the classes and the meditation instruction afterwards. I was suffering from a very painful back that nothing seemed to help, and Meg picked it up immediately. Her exercise coaching and relaxation/meditation input eased the problem immediately and finally the back ache was gone. I don’t understand why but am very grateful for her help when nothing else had worked. Qigong exercise seems gentle buts seems to work deeply in the musculature of the body. I can thoroughly recommend its practice and Meg’s teaching.L. Allott
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